An Ode to Fall Splendor

October 8, 2016

SO! I saw something about emotions that we don't have a word for and one that stuck out was 'chrysalism' - the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm. And THAT, my boos, is what fall is for me. I LOVE summer and all its swimming days and balmy splendor, but it does hit that seasonal affective point when it gets too hot to go outside and everything dies. With the relief of the seasonal shift, the weather becomes so perfect that I try to break up with it because IT DESERVES BETTER. The air smells different, kids are being dropped off at school in the mornings (a weird nostalgia for me because I always got nervous and gassy about school), and cravings return for the warm, comfort food meals that smell so wonderful when cooking and get digested into being like little, toasty hugs on my saddlebags.

I fear this will go away as I grow older and more cynical about a soured reality that is not at ALL like the movies! I have already strayed from my love of Christmas time, but I LOVE to celebrate the occasions I have in life that are worthy of celebrating. Otherwise, the focus goes to Monday doom and car break-downs and financial struggles. When there is something good, I intend to freakin' focus on it! I don't know about you, but I would like to share some things that I do to revel in and actively augment the simplicity of fall joy, because I practically vibrate with the energy of it!

For starters, ambience: The time has arrived to purchase orange twinkle lights and hang them in at least one place, if not EVERYWHERE. Like all over all the surface area of all your walls and stuff. When you open windows and doors and sit to read or write in the orange glow, it is . . . like . . . guh!

While hanging said lights, one may wish to set the scene! If you live in an old mansion in a location with frequent thunderstorms, then you are lucky and I would like to live with you. For those otherwise less fortunate, below I have compiled the best theatrical enhancements I know of, which, if not on YouTube, can mostly be found on Netflix or for rent on Amazon. It makes for a truly relaxing evening to bake an apple crisp and watch cute movies about witches and pretending like it is not at all a real thing that real people were taken by other real, very crazy people and murdered for being suspected of witchcraft. Ha ha ha. Nope, nothing but coziness there.

For music, one might look up the Great Pumpkin soundtrack or vintage Halloween songs on Youtube. Last year, I took oldies songs, like "I Only Have Eyes For You", and slowed them down with some added reverb. It makes for a very creepy, a-ghost-is-totally-trying-to-slow-dance-with-me-right-now kind of feeling.

What else? Crafting a costume and seeing all the cute little monsters out grabbing at all their neighbors for free candy. Taking walks is amazing, even if it means we are hastened in our decisions on whether or not to get wagons for longer walks with our aging dogs. Sitting out on the balcony or going to a restaurant with a patio surrounded by trees or running in nature and laying in a park - all s-p-l-e-n-d-o-r!

In Austin, there is a Halloween camp for adults, where everyone stays in cabins and does all the camp stuff with cafeteria meals and then they play scary movies at night with an open bar and snacks. I spent money I don't have to go this year and, since I have no idea when I will die, but feel sure I won't regret having the living daylights scared out of me when I do, it feels like money well-spent.

Gathering around a campfire, though, with ghost stories and s'mores, preferably while camping, is just so YAS. I have also taken to making my own ghost story. If it looks like I might be one of those old women who dies alone and no one knows for weeks or months, I am going to do my damndest to cultivate the kind of reputation that one would need to continue on in the town legends as a real terror of a ghost.

And to close it all out, here are some two-sentence horror stories I have enjoyed perusing on the interwebs, followed by that fine sampling of the most crisp, seasonally enriched fall-o-phile movies I could scrounge up. Read the stories here.

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