My Favorite Day of the Year

September 12, 2015

It's the first day of the break in the Texas heat.

I cannot help but wake up and feel, by default, happy with life. It's 9am, I'm sitting on my patio with coffee, listening to wind chimes and writing about what a great time it is to be in this, our lovely and better-when-chilled world. I cannot WAIT to be walking through UT campus on cool days or riding my bike around town, enjoying the breeze, sipping a coffee and listening to Vince Guaraldi Trio or, I confess, the soundtrack from Garfield Halloween.


My slow dance song, dedicated to this day

My mother has instilled in me a lifetime of appreciation for holiday exuberance and, not unlike a devout mormon, I like to go knocking door to door to inform folks of the goodness in living a life with the festive spirit inside you. Soon, houses will glow with the subtle orange of Halloween and the seasonal fog of my baked goods will seep into the atmosphere, summoning the Great Pumpkin.

Every change of season means adjusting the little details that make each time of year special. When spring arrives, I will be thrilled to air out the crusty oven that will have become my home in the last weeks of winter and wave about some tulips to exorcise the grey, barren-souled drab who was the life of the Christmas party, but is now the guest that refuses to leave. Nevertheless, right now, I will willingly following the calendar into those stale, brittle winter doldrums with great eagerness, for what we shall behold in between is Earth at her finest - like she's finally got some time to herself and able to do her hair and go to yoga, a little bit of shopping, and just really invest in Earth.

We are all a little better off for being able to spend more time outside without feeling like the sun is just a giant, gassy, apathetic kid with a magnifying glass. I'm probably going to act on my compulsion to post about Halloween or easy decorating, but for now, it's just nice to feel the relief of the sun taking a break from trying to free her neighbor of all its living inhabitants. Our sun is a merciful overlord.


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