February 12, 2017

I am happy ra na and have nothing of great substance ready for posting, except for, oh, SOME GOODNESS. This morning's spring cleaning starts with shooing off negativity in favor of something much, much better.

Do you know what's wonderful? Stepping out into the fresh air at night, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood under a clear, starry sky and seeing planes going past so high above that you wouldn't even know they were there if not for their blinking lights. I imagine I'm sitting peacefully in a dimmed cabin with a reading light and the white noise of the engine, everyone headed somewhere. Of course, then my dog mistakes a plant pot for being an unforgivably terrible cat and launches grenades into my neighbors' yards, but we always return to the peaceful moments.

Dis belleh

And do you want to hear something also wonderful?? This story about that Nigerian toddler who became the poster child for children in need and how he is unstoppably smiley today, going to school and probably quelling tsunamis and blessing endangered rhinos with triplets via very good feelins.

Aww yisss

Dis happy cow

And you know what else? How small is the earth in this whole cosmos and what a tiny blip it is on the universal timeline, but, yet, here you are! Scientists studying all this cosmic sweetness are really just studying themselves! Did any piece of me exist next to pieces of Pluto at some point? Let us appreciate our smallness and connection to everything and how we can all expect Kanye's eventual declaration of himself as the 9th planet or a literal star or something equally inaccurate but grandiose. Bless his confidence.

Oh, and what's more? This inspiration for what to do with all that money and free time we will all have someday - a dog ranch in the mountains! No crunchy-skinned, bony, neglected kennel factories of sadness here, friends. Just fat, happy, hill-roaming teddybears.

The sand from this beach could be all up in your wobbly bits someday

The pictures in this article would make you want to hug a cactus. We must all give thanks for the existence of BuzzFeed in our lives.


Et le grand final - DIS PUPPEH



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