Hope Is A Cure For Violence

February, 2018

I'm going to start adding quotes that I like and maybe have nothing to do with anything I'm about to say. Just because. I have a whole document of quotes I love and can't always find ways to apply them. Today's quote because Jared Leto made a much more beautiful woman than I (that bone structure, tho): "God sure was dressin' the wrong doll when he blessed you with a set'o'balls."

OK, so, I just sat down at a coffee shop on the lake after encountering the most pleasant of dudes at the counter. It's not often such handsome people are also so, so pleasant while doing their jobs. I love people who have managed to be happy enough to be kind to those around them. When someone isn't kind, just remember, they're not happy and maybe they have no one to remind them of why or how they could fix that. Access that compassion, y'all. Don't let 'em get you down. Their level of consciousness is just not where yours may be and the world needs so.much.more.empathy. How creepy would the world be if everyone was smiling all the time, though? SHUDDER. I digress . . .

Or, wait, no I don't. That's my whole topic today. I have had a short fuse lately because I have been living with a lot of frustration. I am lucky to have a baseline happiness that prevents me from being rude to others, but be rude to me today and I will NOT brush it off. No, indeed, I will retaliate with - NO SMILE. HMPH! So change has been coming for a while.

I realized the immediacy of this need three weeks ago. I came back from winter break having been disrespected at work AND sexually harassed there, but then my dog was also dead, so dreading going into work and also dreading going home left me, well, rather depressed. This led me to my tried and true behaviors - why I can trust myself in this life - of figuring out what the problems are and working to solve them. And I am, presently, succeeding in reversing this course of all things sliding into bad time. How? Let me tell you!

Empathy and compassion for others begins with having compassion for ourselves. When you're doing your best to live the life you want, you are able to stretch outside yourself and understand why others' unhappiness might affect you. We deserve to be happy! Don't try to mold yourself into a bad job or a bad relationship. Get what you deserve. Live that best life.


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