Lighten Up, Little Bulbs!

September 7, 2016

I like to talk about not taking myself too seriously, but what does that even mean? Well, I will say what I think, but mostly I am ever here writing things because I need a reminder and also because I tend to feel like I am inconveniencing others when I make them listen to me. So just, first, a disclaimer: If you're reading this, dear no one, why are you even doing that?

To me, not taking things too seriously is about keeping enjoyment always at the forefront of intention when reasonable. It's not letting small 'failures' be more than a blip in your timeline. It's smiling in photos instead of making sure you look as cool as possible, unless all you want is to look as cool as possible and, then, that's the point and you should take care not to worry about how people will think you're taking yourself too seriously! It's doing whatever you like and not caring that some people are surely going to think it's stupid. You may hate Kanye West, but he sure loves himself and that's enough to set him beyond a lot of people.

It's not worrying about letting people know you have insecurities, because of course you do sometimes, and it's relating when you can because what else is life if not a simultaneously unique and shared experience for all of us? In short, if you see dead people, I desperately want to know about it and you had damn well better not keep that shit to yourself. Or do if that's what you want and then, ugh, don't even care that I'm so bothered by that! Goddamnit, you!

Still, the ego is a powerful force and we are but its breathy mistresses offering it massages and singing saucy rendition of traditional songs at its beckoned call. I think it is often the case that we only do things to be seen doing them. Why do we do this?

Whatever the reasons, I think our main motivation for doing anything ever should always be something we feel truly passionate about. So what should be taken seriously in this mess of responsibility, ego, and influence?

Well, there are some things that are unavoidable aspects of living in this nice society with toilets and airplanes and toilets on airplanes that we have, so those are best left as well-taken-care-of as possible (if you ask me, which, again, you're reading this?). We have a place for a little while in this concrete cosmos. Take care of it.

But rules and expected behaviors are often so, so silly. How is it that a nipple on TV or saying an emphatic word like 'shit' is so much more of a scandal than depicting misogyny or gun worship? A lot of things make no sense at all and everyone has different opinions. No one fits in everywhere or anywhere forever. Don't even try.

The big point is: Problems aren't problems if everyone is healthy. Life won't be perfect. Laugh at yourself and laugh at the things that make you look silly or unfortunate or 'less than'. It's all just part of this miraculous time we all get to spend in the universe. Don't push emotions away, but don't let them set the tone of your days and how you speak of them. Let emotions tell you what needs to change and then be your own antidote. No one else can make you happy, but no one else can bring you down.

I recently listened to a podcast with Shep Gordon, the subject of the documentary 'Supermensch' and a Hollywood manager who made a lot of people famous. Aside from having lived a very story-worthy life, his perspective is liberated and shows a genuine respect for the human experience. I can't recommend listening to this enthusiastically enough.


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