So You Sold Your Soul for a Donut

March 17, 2015

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I'm on spring break (major teaching perk). It's day 4 and I'm seeing rainbows - I'm organized, my nails are painted, I'm rested, my house is mildly improved, and I just bought blackout curtains and a plant. Best of all, Rufus, who had begun to smell less like a corn chip and more like a rotten potato chip, has been cleaned and lint-rolled. This time to myself is crucial to any fabulousness I may pursue and how exquisite it is to have it all.

Before break, things at work were becoming a little too stress-impacted and vitriolic all around. I wrote a pretty nasty email. I sent out a much nicer one; simple, to the point, even including humor. It doesn't change the fact that I was dangerously close to implosion, but it's those decisions that reassure me I'm actually a happy, decent person. Do you want to be among those who WILL send out the humorless emails, throw others under the bus, and not say hello in passing? Nah. Don't add to the fray! Fold that shit over and hem it good.

We don't always register how much a smiling face really does impact our day, but we all notice a scowl. When someone is simply happy in your presence, you are lifted by those waves. Then again, maybe if you walk through public with the most lemon-sucking, disgusted-with-the-world frown plastered across your face then people might be positively impacted by thinking, "Good lord. My life can't be as bad as HERS." So, whatever you do, do it EXTREME! Probably...

In more decision-making discussion, yesterday I ate too many cookies and got a headache. My optimism shit-spiraled into trash and worries about what kind of disease I might get from rolling around in such a trash mountain. Bad decisions can impact my mood all day. So, I drank some water and made myself step out for a run. I didn't get to have my regular visit with the neighbor pig, Bones, but I did have a very pleasant run-in with a fat, perfect bulldog named Floyd. His smile sparkled. I think it was the drool glimmering in the sunlight. I confessed my fleeting emotional affair to Rufus and then took him on the best walk. He called all the shots. He forgives me. He always does. Everything's great that way. It all got better. I am absolved of my cookie sins.

Just don't eat that last bite!

My handsome, proactive boyfriend has pointed out to me that it's a helpful practice to come home from work and immediately do something beneficial for yourself. Whether you come home zapped from a job that is or is not fulfilling, you still need time for you. Reading was suggested. Well, I have a BOOK on meditation. It's apparently easier for me to read about meditation than actually practice it. It's like staff meetings and lengthy emails about plans; everyone's considering things, but no one's actually accomplishing anything. Note to self: write about being busy with nothing.

Anyway, so I suppose I won't read too much if that's how I feel about it. I have lately been choosing to run and work on something of a bikini booty. In April, I'll be entering into another year. What better impetus for a GRAND EFFING PARTY and a real inspiration in maximizing my indispensible youth? Bootay! Work it up while you can, young ones! Less-young ones too, please, because we need more trail-blazing, young-at-hearts showing us how to take advantage of life like it's just a big blank check written by an Alzheimer's-ridden Bill O'Reilly (misfortune-spirited fantasy regarding Mr. O'Reilly sponsored by Angels Retiring Fartfaces (ARF), so don't feel bad if it made you feel good. Fartfaces spew hatred and, plus, we all know you wouldn't really take advantage of him because you're a happy, decent person!)

This is my most directionless post to date, but, nevertheless, the point is we face decisions all day every day. Change your scenery, eat the cookies but exercise too, don't watch that next episode, read and learn something. You're the only one who suffers when you're in a bad mood, but doesn't it lessen the burden to know that, even while you're ruing your existence as a martyred, lumpy troll, you can still have a pleasant impact on someone else? And - at any moment, you can choose to turn it all around.


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