The Luxury of Younger Generations

February 13, 2018

The amount of honking one does on the road is directly related to the amount of stress they need to address. Stop honkin', ya loons!

Why people be so stressed? Maybe it's money. But . . . then you look at Trump and see he has all the money in the world and has literally never shown up on my screen smiling a natural smile. I don't think he knows how. His mother didn't love him and he's a pretty monstrous human. Trump eating himself to death, as depicted in the gif here, would be a significant event. Religious, even. Liberals would start believing in god. It might unexpectedly go awry for the world as he ascends to sainthood. Anyway, let us pour one out for the very miserable Mr. Trump.

So, what is it? All this stress? I don't get stressed easily and, when I do, it doesn't last long enough (COUPLES FIGURE SKATING IS SO SEXY HOLY MOLY PARDON ME IT'S ON RIGHT NOW) to get to the point where I'm lashing out at strangers. Unless it's something that makes me feel antagonized or protective of my autonomy in any way, most things don't get me real worked up. On the drama-free regular, I just be smilin' at people. I think this is becauuuuuse - THE POINT - I was born into a generation of choice. Also all my basic needs being met by loving parents but ALSO generational fortune.

If you're "a youth", rejoice.

We may have a garbage college loan and job market situation (with a persistent threat of Nazis taking over the world again for some time in the near future?), but y'all. . . We don't have to do any of it.

It is the luxury of our lifetime that we are not expected by anyone to live by some societal construct. I have been able to focus on me my whole life. No one cares that I don't go to church. No one thinks twice when I say I don't know that I'll have kids. No one cares that I didn't find my career until I was 28 or that money isn't one of my problems anymore and I spend it on travel and clothes and going out and 'selfish' things that I want. Life is too global to care about the details in the life of any one particular person.

I just have to take a moment to emphasize how lucky we are for this. Really, the Victorian era? NAW.

It's like that Louis CK bit where he talks about people complaining on planes when there isn't wifi, seemingly forgetting that THEY'RE FLYING THROUGH THE AIR. YOU'RE HEADED ACROSS THE WORLD AT 500 MILES PER HOUR. IT'S PRETTY COOL. This can be as good as you make a point of seeing it as or making it.

I don't like the label of a 'selfish' life because the happier people are, the more good they add to the world themselves and I cannot shut up about how the world needs more and more of that. When people aren't forced to live lives they don't love, they honk. They get dragged into a cycle of misery. They get treated poorly and feel like they spend all of their lives negotiating with terrorists because the world has them hogtied. This often is not even their fault, but circumstance they were born or happened into.

I have nothing more to say here, except show empathy for the rude, for they are probably stressed. They either lack time, they lack money, they lack the money to buy the time, or they have long lacked love.

Happiness is born out of a sense of contentment and not needing more, right? Well, I have no idea what I am doing in this life, but I aim to be nice to those who really need it because I can at least manage that. We're all there at some point.

Here is my favorite rendition of one of my favorite songs, dedicated to the stressed honkers out there. At least they're not driving down the median like it's a lane. Stop driving in the medians, ya loons!


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